Monday, January 28, 2008

Your Air Filtration Tools Guide

The air filtration tools are really necessary when you are facing any respiratory problems. With this article you are sure to get all the information on air filtration tools.

The air filtration systems are used to clean air by removal of pollutants, dust, bacteria, pollen or simply anything that is floating through the air. it is possible to get clean air and so many health problems and diseases can be avoided with the help of air filtration. You get fresh air (disease and germ free) to breath in.

You will find lot many uses of these filtration systems in industries as well as households. To meet the various needs these filtration systems come in various models and materials. For ex. filtration systems are used in households, cars, aircrafts, industries, buildings ventilation systems, mechanical engines such as air compressors, gas compressors, diesel engines etc. The air filtration system can be found in various makes and models and simply changes with every use.

The home filtration unit or system works wonder in the house by cleaning the home air which minimizes the risk of possible allergies and other related problems due to the foreign particles. The filtration system is best judged by the material used in it, the CFM (air filtered at Cubic Feet per Minute) and other features.

It should be chosen keeping in mind the type of unit where you want to put that, the area size which will require pure air and the output CFM of the system. For industrial or commercial purposes more advanced and powerful filtration systems or a thick air filters compared to home version are used.

Compressed filtration systems are tools, which are used to remove water, oil, oil vapor, dirt, and other contaminants from a compressed air supply. This is very necessary for the compressed as it has a high percentage of air contamination due to microscopic foreign particles.

The commercial filtrations are used for large establishments such as a multistoried building or hospitals the amount of air pollutants present in the air is high and hence require larger air filters with thicker filters and larger CFM's. Such air filtration systems are very useful for cleansing large quantities of air with almost 95% cleaning.

In commercial many different filtration techniques such as HEPA air filters, electrostatic air filters, ionic air purifiers etc are used. One such popular technique, filtration technique is the dry scrubbing pas phase air media.

These media remove airborne gaseous contaminants via adsorption by capturing gaseous molecules and holding them to the media's surface and/or chemisorptions i.e. reacting with gaseous molecules and changing their chemical form to a nontoxic end product. This media is available as dry, spherical pellets for bulk fill of modules or secured in a pleated bi-component fiber filter.

Another filtration system is electrostatic filtration system used for household or commercial purpose and uses electrostatic and carbon filters to clean the air. It is most effective flirtation system to get relieved of pollutants and micro particles from the air.

The functioning of the electrostatic air filtration is different from the HEPA but is more effective in filtering the air clean. An electrostatic carbon filtration system also cleans tobacco smoke and other such odors and keeps your lungs healthy by giving clean air for breathing.

By David Urmann

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