Wednesday, January 09, 2008

5 Tips on Car Maintenance

When it comes to your car, it deserves nothing short of the best. Every car community expert will tell you that maintenance is one of the key things that will keep your car going for a long time to come. Here are some handy tips to help in the upkeep of your car.

1. Oil checking
Your car runs on oil and hence while you need to refill oil every now and then, you also need to make sure that the oil remains clean. Otherwise you risk spoiling the engine. Most car community experts will suggest that you change the oil on a regular basis to prevent the engine shards from getting mixed up with the oil. Make sure to keep a tab on leaks as having a leak can mean running without oil, which can be disastrous for the engine of your car! Ideally as every car community site will tell you, you need to change oil once in every 3 months and completely replace with brand new oil.

2. Tire pressure
The next thing you need to keep a close watch on is the tire pressure. Regular checks on tire air can help you save on costs associated with fuel expenses. As any car community expert will tell you, ideally you need to keep your tires filled and inflated, even if you feel they are not that squishy. You can easily procure a tire gauge yourself and keep checking on the air pressure. Even too much air can be bad so make sure to remove the excess also. You will also need to regularly keep a watch on tread wear on the tires.

3. Wiper blade
Usually wiper blades give way when you need them the most. That's why you need to regularly keep a close tab on them. Make sure to check if they're working fine, on a regular basis. Every car community site and expert says that this is most neglected part of the car and it is high time owners gave it more attention. By keeping them in good order you save yourself the trouble of being stranded in rain due to bad visibility!

4. Vacuuming
When you regularly vacuum your car you not only preserve its beauty but also pave the way for a good resale value later on. Every car community site will quickly tell you that regular vacuuming can take years off your car! If you are feeling a little lazy and don't want to do the vacuuming yourself just take it to a nearby vacuum station! You can use their vacuum machines by paying one or two quarters.

5. Washing underneath
Your car goes through a lot while you ride it. Right from mud, corrosive salty water to even snow - a lot gets accumulated on the underside of your car. This can erode at the vital mechanical parts on the bottom of your car, which is why every car community expert will advise you to give it a wash regularly.

By Thomas Clakins


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ian.klages said...

My Blog Response
Some newer cars don’t require the oil to be changed every 3000 miles, like many of us are accustomed to. However, it is my thought, that any car should have the oil changed frequently (every 3000 miles). The point in changing a vehicle’s oil is to preserve the engine and changing the oil regularly is one primary way. Equally important is to not rely on the car to tell you when your oil is low or needs changed. If the OLM light malfunctions, this could be detrimental to the car’s engine. This feature on the vehicle, should not replace standard maintenance procedures. Once the light is on that means its time to change the oil and it’s time right now. I would exercise caution in waiting for the computer to make this detection or extending changing your oil beyond 3000 miles.