Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Car Warranty - The Basics

Extended car warranties always sound like a product that car owners should have in place, but few of us completely understand what they entail. The concept behind warranties is not as complicated as many of us think.

Those who have bought a new car from a dealership in recent years are likely to be familiar with the basic idea behind a warranty agreement.

A brand new car is usually covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Often this lasts for the first 12 months that you own the vehicle, although it can sometimes be in effect for a longer period.

Once the initial period has expired, there is then the opportunity to take out an extended warranty. An extended warranty can provide a similar level of cover over a period of months or years, but there will be fees involved.

An extended warranty can bring peace of mind, hence the reason why many people decide to pay for this additional form of cover.

Extended warranties will be available after the initial manufacturer's cover expires and will also be available for many second hand cars.

Many people make the mistake of believing that extended policies must be purchased from manufacturer's or car dealerships. This is not the case.

There are numerous independent car warranty companies that can sell you a new agreement, offering a comprehensive level of cover. Many of these companies will sell direct to consumers online.

By buying online you could save yourself a substantial amount of money. Online purchasing allows you to compare prices more easily and also lets you see exactly what standard of cover you will be getting.

If you are looking to purchase an extended warranty then shop around online - you'll find that there are some excellent deals currently available.

By Keith Barrett

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The safety of your children in the car

Anyone with children knows that car safety is important. They are so little and cars are so big, they have to be taught safety by example as well as enforcing safety rules. Contrary to popular belief, children actually listen when their parents talk to them. The only kids who refuse to listen are kids who have never been expected to.

Children should know basic car and road safety. Explain to your kids that being the size they are makes them hard to see from the drivers seat of a vehicle. Put them in the drivers seat of your car and ask them to look around them, show them why it is hard to see them rather than just tell them.

Show them how important it is by making sure drivers have given you eye contact prior to crossing in front or behind them of them. Be sure to talk your way through it, so your child is aware that you use your rules to keep you safe too. The more a young child sees you following your own safety rules, the more apt they will be to pick them up instinctively.

Car seats
Quite possibly the most important factor in auto safety with regards to children is their car seats. Any good parent will research the seat they buy to protect their child and only those with the highest safety ratings should be purchased. This goes without saying, your child's safety is worth all the money in the world. Again it is always important to explain your actions to your child. No doubt anyone who has ever driven a 2 year old anywhere has had to answer the question 'Why do I have to get in the car seat?'

This is another place where leading by example will help to drive your point home and make a more lasting impression on your child where safety is concerned. Wear your own seat belt, not just on long trips but every time you get into your vehicle and move it. The tests and research should be enough to convince any rational being, your chances of surviving an accident are considerably higher if you are strapped in. You strap your kids into extravagant contraptions to keep them in place and safe should something happen on the road. Not taking the same precautions yourself simply doesn't make sense.

On the road rules
Driving a car is serious business and should always be treated as such. Again it is important to make sure your children are aware that the road can present danger in a split second; and that the drivers attention is best kept on the road where it belongs. Explain to them that loud noises, sudden movements, arguing and rough housing are all things that can distract even the most prudent driver and put everyone in the car in danger. Parents, your job isn't easy, but remember while you are on the road you have a responsibility to everyone on the road with you to keep your attention on the road and not in your back seat.

Kids are young little creatures, and their attention span is in direct relation to their life span. Car safety is something you should talk to your children about regularly because keeping it in the forefront of their minds will help them to develop habits that keep them safer throughout their lives. Small things make a big impression to the young ones, and following our own rules is something that will impress on your children far stronger than anything you say to them.

by Paige Filler

Monday, November 19, 2007

Using an Aerosol and Make Your Car Interior Look New Again

Remember when you bought the car that you are driving today. If it was a new car, the outside shined and sparkled like a new diamond ring. Every time you opened the door, that new car smell swirls around your nose. You could see your reflection in the chrome (or chrome plated plastic) and glass from the dashboard and instrument panel. The carpet and seat cushions were clean and spotless. There were no scuff marks on the inside door panels, or on any of the upholstery. You were so proud and protective, that you no one was allowed to drink or eat anything inside your car. You would park, what seemed like miles away from the front of the stores, to avoid possible damage to the outside of your car from other cars or stray shopping carts.

Even if it was not a new car, it was probably cleaned and polished to make it look like it was new. So you still are able to experience that feeling of owning a new car. But a few years have gone by since you bought your car. Now hopefully you have been lucky enough that the outside of the car doesn’t look like it has been in a shopping cart demolition derby. But even being extremely protective of your car’s interior, just normal wear and tear will still take a toll on your carpets, seats and other interior parts. The carpets may be worn or stained with the dirt and grime that we all transport with our shoes on a daily basis. The fabric on the seats are stained from food and drinks, that were once not allowed in your new car. The door panels and seats have scuff marks from the heels of shoes. But, it has been a great car and is still a great car, it just doesn’t look as great as it once did.

You can make your car’s interior look like new again, using a Vinyl and Carpet Dye that comes packaged in an Aerosol Spray Can. You can restore the original color of your car’s carpet, on some occasions, it is even possible to change from the original color. (You may be able to go from a light color to a darker color, but never the opposite.)
The Vinyl and Carpet Dye can be used on the seat fabrics, headliners, plastic and leather interior parts.

Whether you are an experienced auto detailer, car enthusiast, or someone who wants to restore their car’s interior themselves, Vinyl and Carpet Dye Sprays will help you achieve your desired results. Several considerations must be addressed in your achieving your desired results. Do you want the color of the Vinyl and Carpet Dye Sprays to match the color exactly or are you just trying to clean them up and make them all uniform in color? Why is this important? To just clean up your car’s carpets, you can go online to Vinyl and Carpet Dye manufacturer’s websites and choose a color off of their stock color chart that you think matches your carpet color. Stock colors usually do not have a color matching lab fee like most custom matched colors do.

Clean your carpets of any dirt and grime. Make sure that carpets are completely dry before using the Vinyl and Carpet Dye Sprays on them. First it is advisable to remove a small piece of carpet from an unexposed area of the car and spray it to see what it will look like, before you begin spraying the exposed areas. If you have chosen a good close color match, and the color is acceptable, you can use it on the rest of the carpets. Before spraying, unless you have removed the seats and taken the carpets out of the car completely, you must protect the areas of your interiors that are not to be dyed or painted. This is accomplished by taping off the areas using a good quality tape and with paper such as newspaper. Leave only the areas to be sprayed exposed. The taped off areas will be protected from the overspray of the Vinyl and Carpet Dye Sprays. Before using the product, you must have proper ventilation when using an aerosol product containing paint or dyes. It is advisable to always spray the all of the carpets and that you don’t try to spot spray. Spraying all of the carpeted areas, will help to promote uniformity in the carpet’s color. After following the Vinyl and Carpet Dye Spray instructions on proper application techniques and if you chose a good color match, your carpets should look like new. Even if it is not the exact color of the original color, it looks good.

However, if you do want an exact color match as the original color of your car’s carpets, this to can be achieved. It is just a little more time consuming and costly. You would need to send a sample piece of your carpet from an unexposed area of your car, to a Vinyl and Carpet Dye Spray manufacturer. There usually a color match lab fee for a custom matched color, normally around $50 a color. You should still test the custom matched Vinyl and Carpet Dye spray in an unexposed area of your car to check the color match.

The same considerations should be taken when using the Vinyl and Carpet Dyes on the other parts of the car’s interior that needs to be restored. This is not a new product, it has been around for years and is used in many detailing shops, car dealerships and restoration companies.

Always follow the Vinyl and Carpet Dye instructions on proper use, ventilation requirements and other safety warnings.

by Larry R Lewis

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Help in choosing custom trailer

Cargo trailers are all the rage these days as we have an increasingly mobile lifestyle. Many people use cargo trailers to haul everything from animals to jet skis. There are many cargo trailers on the market, but if you’re like many people you’ll want to look at custom trailers.

Custom trailers are a wonderful way to personalize your investment! You will be able to design nearly every aspect of your cargo trailer so that it becomes perfect for you. There are many companies that offer custom trailers, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out which type of custom trailers you’re interested in. There are general cargo, ATV and motorcycles, Auto Haulers, Economy models and more! Think about the vision you have for getting a custom trailer.
Do you plan on transporting a vehicle? You will need an Auto Hauler. Are you planning on transporting just a few things here and there? You will be fine with an economy model.

It is important to research each of the different kinds so that you make the right decision for you when it comes to custom trailers. Getting an economy model if you’re planning on doing mobile vending is not going to work well for you.

You’ll also want to decide which manufacturer you want your custom trailers to come from. There are several reputable and quality manufacturers out there. Some names are better known than others, but that does not mean lesser-known companies are poor quality. Read some online reviews if you want to make sure.

Another thing you’ll want to consider is that some makes are only available in certain locations. It may be a good idea to get custom trailers from a location that is closer to you. If you’re willing to have custom trailers transported to you, that’s another option.

In addition to the different makes, there are also different models that you can customize. Again, you’ll need to think about your needs when picking a model. Sometimes you’ll want one that comes with all the bells and whistles, while other times you’d be satisfied with a more general model.

Almost every company that offers custom trailers will allow it to be super customizable. You don’t have to settle e for what is pre-made. After all, you are making a large investment in custom trailers. You will want it to be for something that is going to make you happy now and in the long run.

Many companies that offer custom trailers will allow you to choose a graphic you’d like to feature. If you own a business or are interested in a particular hobby or sport, this can be a great draw for you. Getting custom trailers shouldn’t be the same old thing. Custom graphics can really make your trailer stand out from the crowd.

When looking into custom trailers always remember to put your needs first. Choosing the wrong make, model, or size trailer is a big mistake. Do your research and find your perfect custom trailer. For an added touch, be sure to find a graphic you’d like to feature. Most of all, enjoy your new custom trailer and be proud that you had a hand in its design!

by Duderinow

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bumpers 101 - For Style and Safety

Vehicles play a very important role in our lives. They take us to our destinations and they transport goods for us. Because of their tasks, vehicle like people also need caring and pampering. Without those, they will easily wear out and would eventually be useless already. Vehicles need proper protection and maintenance. Taking them out in the road where thousand other cars, man-made barriers and excavations pose dangers, our vehicles must be ready for any unexpected threats to our safety.

Anti-lock brakes, airbags, and seatbelts are some of the most common performance parts and accessories for safety. Manufactured cars all have these basic features. But there are some vehicles that double the safety features with installed bumpers.

With a variety of bumpers equipped in a vehicle, the most common would be the front and rear bumpers . There are well- designed and well-crafted bumpers out in the automotive market that could add up or jazz up the look and style of your vehicles. However, more than the aesthetics, the performance and the most important function of the bumper should not be overlooked. Bumpers are designed to absorb and deliver the momentum during low-speed collisions to protect the passengers from its effects and the vehicle from severe damages. Bumper’s pieces are being formed into specific shapes faultlessly do this without much apparent damage to itself. This way, they can help protect every passenger on your car and also save you from the costly repairs that crash damages would cost you.

Made of heavy sheet metal, bumpers are installed in a vehicle and are usually mounted on the front and rear part of the vehicle. Built with “crumple zones”, these designs on bumpers, flex during collisions. Bumpers add appeal and enhance the looks of your vehicles.

If you’re into stylish bumpers, make sure that you wouldn’t compromise you and your vehicle’s safety. Go for bumpers that had passed standards and of high quality. There are many kinds of bumpers available; these pieces are available in different designs, makes, finishes and materials to cater to all kinds of vehicles regardless of what model, model year and model trim of vehicle you have. Make sure you choose the exact bumper fit for your vehicle and it is also important to go for trusted bumper brands with above standard quality.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Radar Detectors - Could One Have Saved Me?

I remember it well! I was on a fast stretch of road, but keeping to the limit for that stretch. I came towards a village, where the speed limit dropped by 20mph. Obviously I slowed down, and continued to slow. The road curved round to the left and went downhill. All this within about 100 yards of the slow down sign. And guess who was waiting for me at the bottom of the bend? Yes, you guessed it, the boys in blue.

I was fined for being 4mph over the limit! Grr. It didn't seem right then, and it doesn't seem right now either. So was there anything I could have done to avoid this in justice?

Radar detectors are extremely effective for warning drivers that they are approaching a speed detection device that uses a radar system. The speed is calculated using the difference between the transmit frequency and receive frequency (also known as the Doppler shift). They are essentially microwave radio receivers, and as such, it is important that the detector you want can identify the radio waves emitted by the equipment used by the authorities.

Radar detectors come essentially in two flavours, corded or uncorded. The corded typically mounts to your windshield, and because of its location offers an aerial less-obstructed detection. Cordless is as the name suggests, and offers you portable convenience to have the unit located where you want. This also means that you can use the unit for different vehicles without having to resort to multiple units or fiddly removals or re-installs.

There are some important considerations when shopping for radar detectors. These include band detection, which allow a range of police radar devices to be detected, distance of detection, ability to send a jamming signal, and, of course, price. In addition to these concerns, anyone interested in purchasing a motorcycle radar detector should check that the detector comes with an ear jack, because you will have to rely on an aural signal for these devices to be effective for you.

Some radar detectors can be extremely expensive but finding a discount unit is relatively simple if you know where to look. One option for purchasing radar detectors cheaply is to search for wholesale electronic distributors who have their own retail outlets. You will need to ascertain from the manufacturer that the detector that you are trying to buy will work in your area, or has band detection available. The stockist should have information about the frequencies used by your local authorities as well, so try and find this out before you part with any hard earned cash. Bear in mind that the cost of a radar detector is far less than the cost of the speeding tickets that you may face - so or protect yourself, get a radar detector.

Used radar detectors prices are reasonable and sometimes negotiable. They can be purchased from owners, dealers, or from superstores. Try to buy used radar detectors directly from the owners if possible, as you are likely to get a better deal. In the case of superstores, used radar detector prices are not normally negotiable, though they are usually sold for a reasonable, predetermined price. However, it sometimes pays to ask for a cash deal and to have cash ready, just in case! Such companies recondition the units to sell as refurbished items. A specialty of refurbished radar detectors is that their prices are remarkably low and they provide the same benefit that a new radar detector offers.

by Profitweaver

Friday, November 02, 2007

Anti-Lock Braking and its importance

By Dennis James

The ABS (Anti-Lock Braking) in one of the most important elements of a modern vehicle’s braking system. It works by a specialized computer activating the brake pumps so that during a powerful deceleration the wheels will not lock-up and you will be able to steer the car under such a circumstance. The situation was different before this system’s introduction. When you used to press powerfully the brake pedal, the system was fully activated permanently and the wheels blocked. This resulted in very numerous crashes, and a popular method among drivers to avoid brake lock-up was to pump the brakes.

With the introduction of ABS however these problems were solved, because the electronics does everything. An ABS fitted braking system will pump the brakes up to 15 times per second. You have to admit that no driver could match this performance.

You might ask yourself how ABS works.
Each wheel is fitted with sensors. They scan continuously the movement of each wheel and when they sense that a wheel has stopped, which is the case with a powerful braking, this sensor will transmit the ABS computer a signal. The computer will regulate the pressure in the braking system for all four wheels accordingly and this way wheel lock-up is reduced.
The computer will direct the braking pump to increase and reduce pressure in the system a few dozen times per second all the time the brake pedal is pressed. The driver can steer the car almost normally, because he will have control of the wheels in avoiding an obstacle, for example.
You can hear and feel the ABS when it enters the scene, you will feel some short movements in the brake pedal and you will hear a distinct sound.

Your breaking distances will not be reduced if your car is fitted with ABS. It has other purposes, to allow you to handle the car in a case when a powerful brake is necessary. There may be situations when ABS braking will actually increase the braking distance of the vehicle. If you have to brake forcefully and an obstacle appears in front of you, you will be able to drive around it and not crush into it.

The entire job is done by specialized computers and sensors. The driver is not obliged to do anything special, just to use the brakes in the normal way, braking and keeping the brake pedal pushed. Do not use the pumping technique when driving an ABS fitted car, because the actual pumping is being done by the system.

The early systems were rear-wheel ABS, which pumped only the rear wheels. They have been used quite some time ago in SUVs and pick-up trucks and are no longer produced. Today almost all cars are manufactured with four-wheel ABS as standard equipment. In this case, the system uses the sensors at each wheel to pump them all, individually, according to the situation. It is the most efficient system, the more precise, but it is the most expensive one to implement. Some less expensive cars are fitted with a three-channel system.

Dennis runs Car Dealer Check a website dedicated to providing honest car dealer ratings and providing a consumer car dealer survey service.