Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to Fix a Scratch on Your Vehicle's Paint Job

There has more than likely been one time or another when you have experienced a scratch on the paint job of your vehicle. Did you know that there are ways that this can be repaired without the costly trip to the dealership or auto-body shop? The truth is, sooner or later - every car is going to get a scratch, so - use these tips to get rid of the unsightly marks.

If the car has been painted with enamel paint, than the vehicle repair may need professional attention, if not - than you can go ahead with these simple tips to repair a scratch on the surface of the vehicle. When repairing a scratch, it is important to lightly wash the surface of any material that would affect the bonding of the paint that is going to be applied to fix the scratch. Sometimes, when vehicles have been waxed, it decreases the ability for the paint to create a bond with the metal, creating an obvious paint line. A mild dish detergent or even a mild laundry detergent can be used to take off any wax, protecting or seal that is on the vehicle and could interrupt the scratch repair process.

Next, you will need to lightly sand the area where the vehicle is scratched with fine grained sand paper. When completing this step, it is most effective to do this by hand. This will ensure that the vehicle will not be over-sanded and damage the body of the vehicle, or even further damage the paint job of the vehicle. Never use an electric sander to repair a small scratch on the body or door of the vehicle; this will lead to unsightly marks being left after the scratch has been repaired. When sanding, go with the direction on the scratch, as this will not make it worse.

If there is rust near the scratch, than it can be easily removed with rust-cleaner and sandpaper treatment. When sanding, only be sure to grind down the area that is closest to the scratch. Before painting, tape-off the area of the scratch using newspaper, allowing a small cutout for the scratch. This will ensure that only the area required is painted. After all, the paint is more than likely not going to be the exact same tone, unless the vehicle is new and the exact paint is chosen.

How do you choose paint for your vehicle that is being repaired? Often, there is color swatches available from the dealership that the vehicle was purchased from, if not, than at the local auto-body supply store there should be a sufficient color. Remember, these colors may not go on completely flush with the current color. The more a vehicle has been exposed to the elements, the more the color fades - making it hard to determine the replacement color.

Next, the area should be sprayed with touch up paint, avoid brushing as it could cause unsightly marks to occur within the paint. Next, remove the paper and let the vehicle dry overnight to ensure it is not going to be effected by the elements.

By Brenda Williams

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Security Car Alarms For Peace Of Mind

While many add-on purchases for automobiles are quite popular, the most significant addition for any vehicle is a security car alarm. With more than a million vehicles stolen each year, taking proactive steps to work against the possibility of theft is just common sense for all car owners. It stands to reason that a car owner will want to protect such a huge financial investment. Other than your home, your car is probably the most expensive thing you own. Doesn't it make sense to take care of it? Taking care of your car goes beyond changing the oil and keeping it clean. Really taking care of your car involves doing everything you can to keep it from being stolen.

Security car alarms serve as an affordable and effective way to keep you and your car from becoming the next car theft victims.

As a car owner, it is in your best interest to investigate security car alarms to find the best protection system for both your vehicle and your budget. If you think you can't afford a car alarm system, ask yourself if you can afford for your car to be stolen. That important question can put the minimal cost of a good alarm system in perspective.

What Are The Options?

There is a tremendous variety of choices when it comes to choosing a great car alarm. There are many different manufacturers, models and technological features for security car alarms. Virtually any budget can be accomodated with a security car alarm. The most economical model is not always the best choice for your vehicle's protection, though. Often just investing a few more dollars to get a higher quality system can have a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of the security car alarm system you choose.

Directed Electronics is an Industry Leader

Directed Electronics is one of the most established and best known names in security car alarms. This highly regarded and respected company is responsible for the two top security alarm brands, Python and Viper. The company's product mix also includes products from other major brands that have become a part of their organization, including Avital, Clifford, Autostart and AutoCommand. With more than twenty years in the security car alarm industry, the company's experience is clearly depicted by its impressive portfolio of vehicle security products.

Choose a Top Brand

Whether you choose a Directed Electronics product, or one from a different firm, it is a good idea to choose your unit from among the industry's top brands. Working with industry leaders helps to ensure the highest quality and most advanced electronics technologies for your security car alarm. You only want to buy a car alarm from a reputable company that specializes in vehicle security to ensure that your system has the latest technology. Developing the ability to discern the major brands of vehicle security products can help you make the best possible choices in automotive protection.

One of the most highly regarded security car alarm brands is Viper. Viper tends to be the system of choice for discerning expert drivers. Such discriminating consumers understand the value of a top notch alarm system because of the superior technologies employed to keep your vehicle constantly protected. Python is another great name in car security alarms, well-known for its unique technologies that include recognized names like Revenger, Failsafe, Stinger, Starter Kill and DoubleGuard. Both the Phython and Viper security alarm systems are focused on user convenience paired with extreme vehicle protection systems. It doesn't get much better than that.

Clifford is another respected brand. It has been protecting vehicles for more than twenty years, and has kept up with with technological advances like the MATRIX and G5 Technologies. These systems have the ability to instantly intimidate potential car thieves, which is crucial for maximum protection of our car.

Avital has also been around more than two decades with security car alarm products that are trusted by many, many consumers. Avital has a reputation for providing both outstanding security and remote starter systems.

These are not the only top notch choices for alarm systems. There are number of other reputable products that can meet your needs. Other top brands for security car alarms include Hornet, Valet, Ready Remote and AutoCommand, Astroflex, Automate Securit, and Autostart. Also, Merlin systems is a strong choice for motorcycle protection options. The benefits of security car alarm systems are greatly enhanced when you select yous from among these leading industry brands. It only makes sense to stick with recognized experts in security when protecting your own vehicle. The experience and expertise of top brand car alarm systems is the best tool for keeping your vehicle best protected against the threat of robbery.

By David Faulkner