Friday, May 18, 2007

How To Buy A Leather Motorcycle Jacket

By James Gunaseelan

Bikers have traditionally worn leather jackets not because of their dude value; but because leather provides protection against wind, rain and snow. Further, when fortified with protective armor, leather jackets also provide a fair degree of safety. This is why it is important that you should know how to buy a leather motorcycle jacket.

You should never make the mistake of looking at a motorcycle jacket as a fashion accessory. Instead, you should look upon it as important protective gear. Among the things that you should look for when buying a leather motorcycle jacket are:

1. Thickness: The first thing that you should look for in a leather jacket is thickness. Jackets that are made of one millimeter thick leather last longer and are more comfortable.

2. Protection: The classically styled motorcycle jackets don't usually have protective armor. When they do offer it, there is minimal protection around the elbows and the shoulders. However, your chest and back are the really vulnerable areas, prone to injuries. So try and get yourself a jacket that has semi-rigid armor around these areas.

3. Waterproof: Most leather jackets are waterproof to a degree. However, they fall short when it comes to medium to heavy rains. It is therefore advisable to go for BMC and Harley jackets that are made from waterproof leather.

4. Length: How long should your jacket be? If you have a belly to match the beer you drink, a longish coat might be more comfortable. Long coats also have extra pockets, better weather protection and adjustability. Whatever the type of jacket you buy, remember to check if it has a slightly dropped back. This way if you bend forward, wind will not creep in.

5. Sleeves: Some jackets have sleeves designed to mimic a riding position. These are very comfortable. Sleeves should not ride up when your arms are stretched. Tapered sleeves that amply cover your wrist are a good option. Zips at the cuff are convenient. See that the sleeves are not tight and have ample space for the layers you may wear within. When trying on a jacket try and wear an electric vest and a sweatshirt to simulate a real life situation.

6. Collars: Adjustable flap-style closures are better than snap-closed mandarin-style necklines. The latter can be constricting at high speed. The neck should feel comfortable even when you pull on the back of the collar.

7. Lining: A detachable lining is a great feature. Liners that have insulators such as Thinsulate or Thermolite are the most versatile.

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