Thursday, May 24, 2007

BRAKING MOMENTS: How to Avoid a Costly Mistake

By Vance Talmadge

Brakes are an essential component of the car. The brakes are used to slow down or stop the car. This is one of the most important parts of the car. Any brake failures can cause accident which may lead to serious property damage. A proper maintenance of the brakes is a must to avoid any accidents.

Everyday before using your car it is important to check your brakes especially the level of the fluid. It is necessary to clean your brakes weekly and check also the brake pads if they are still in good condition. Try also checking those hoses and other linings of your brakes for leaks. When driving always bring a bottle of brake fluid just in case of emergency and try to check your gauge panel to see if the brake warning light is lit. Always test your brakes when driving once in a while.

The first thing to consider while driving especially at high speed is your brakes; since brakes are mechanical it is prone to any failures especially when it is not maintained. If everything is too complicated especially brake repairs or adjustments try consulting your trusted mechanic to fix those problems, these may prevent you from spending too much for repairs.

If your brakes are malfunctioning like sudden loss of pressure on the pedal while driving, try to pull over and don't hesitate to continue driving, try to pull your parking brake slowly; this may help reduce the speed of the vehicle. Use engine brake to slow you down. It may damage the gears in the transmission but you're safe. Never turn off your engine instead try to pump the pedal because it might build some pressure. If you don't have any choice try to hit the bushes or sacrifice your vehicle by letting the side of the vehicle hit the wall to stop.

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Good insight on how to prevent a really costly auto maintenance.I'll be sure to take note of this.Thank you for sharing.