Monday, March 12, 2007

Vehicle’s Body Parts Description

The bumper is designed to absorb crash energy during minor and low-speed collisions. Since safety is what matters most, you shouldn’t take this special safety auto part for granted.

Brush Guard
Are you familiar with what a brush guard is? No, it's not one of those high-falutin' mowers they advertise on The Weather Channel. A brush guard is a tubular steel framework that bolts on to the frame of your truck or SUV. The brush guard protects the front fascia of your vehicle from damage by limbs, brush, and debris by covering the grille and headlights. You may have heard a truck brush guard called a "grille guard" too. The terms are interchangeable, and a brush guard protects the same area as a grille guard. If you have any off-road intentions, a grill brush guard should be high up on your shopping list. There's a lot of expensive stuff living at the front of your truck--things like the radiator, battery, headlights, and all that sheet metal. A bumper brush guard will give you a protective framework to keep all that stuff safe. Little rocks and dirt can pass right through the brush guard (as can air for the radiator), but the big, damaging stuff will be stopped cold by the black or chrome steel brush guard.

Nothing changes the look of a car quite as quickly as the addition of a spoiler. A car spoiler, or rear wing, consists of a styled piece of fiberglass that enhances the aerodynamics of your car--not to mention making it look like you just rolled off the circuit at LeMans. Spoiler wings can come in all different shapes and sizes, too. There's the high hoop spoiler, like that seen on the fourth-generation Toyota Supra spoiler, all the way down to the small lip spoiler like that seen on late-model BMW M3 trunklid spoilers. And, of course, every spoiler size in between.

Bug Shields and Wind Deflectors
Bug shields and wind deflectors have come a long way since the days of that upright blue-plastic beast on the front of your uncle's Caprice wagon. Nowadays, auto bug shields, wind deflectors and truck bug shields come in great-looking aero styles that fit the contours of your vehicle. And wind deflectors and bug shields still do what they've always done: protect the leading edge of your hood from stone chips, bug residue, and other road debris. Think about the abuse your hood takes from driving and you'll see why bug shields are more than just a styling accessory.

Car Bra
It's impossible to talk about the car bra without making a joke about how well car bra supports your front end. So there, it's out of the way and we can get down to business. A car bra, also called a front-end mask, is a piece of vinyl that wraps around the exposed front portion of your vehicle. Not surprisingly, a custom car bra protects against flying rocks, debris, and myriad other odds and ends that might smack the front of your car, causing dents and scratches. A car bra is also a styling accessory, though, creating a sleek, custom look at the front of your ride. The auto car bra has come a long way in recent years, and now provides much better protection while allowing your paint to breathe too. And speaking of protection, there's no better way than installing a car bra to keep your front end ding-free. With a heavy vinyl outer layer and padding beneath, a car bra can stop a hit from a fairly large chunk of junk without telegraphing the impact to the paint below. And, unlike some other front-end protective devices, a car bra is easy to remove and reinstall at a moment's notice.

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