Saturday, March 17, 2007

Car Care and Protection

By Janet Smith

SUMMARY: Easy tips to keep your car looking and performing great.

When you get a new car, you’re protective and careful to keep it looking and performing great. As time passes most of us get a little less interested. Taking the time to protect and keep your car looking great not only helps the look, it can also help to maintain the value of your vehicle.
For instance, roll up car care covers, which can be custom fit to protect your car anywhere while sitting outdoors. These covers can protect your vehicle from outdoor elements, dirt, pollen, and other items that hamper the looks of your car. Another great alternative to parking your vehicle in a garage is to use a parking shelter or canopy.

Importance of Car Care and Maintenance

Car care and maintenance isn’t always convenient but they are necessary components if you want to keep your nice vehicle running. Here are some ideas to make car care less of a hassle: As far as maintenance, keeping up with regular scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, inspections or other special maintenance your vehicle may need can keep you from having many issues later on.

Any time you hear a weird noise, feel vibrating that is unusual or see a warning light that shouldn’t be on, the quicker you can get your vehicle to a garage the better chances you have to keep something serious from happening. Continuing to drive longer than necessary in these situations can create big and expensive problems.

Cleaning and Car Care Accessories

Clean your car in a snap without paying the price of a detailing shop. It’s easy with the right car care accessories to lighten the load. Foam and spray nozzles like we all used to use at the quick car washes are now available to attach right to your own water hose, making it simple to have soap and rinse options all in one nozzle. Also new at many of your specialty retail stores are the automotive detailing kits that have everything in them to make your car sparkle.

For inside car care, the wet/dry cordless vacuum is a must have item. Not only will you be able to clean up dry messes but also liquid spills as well. If your vehicle includes vinyl or leather, don’t forget to use specific car care cleaners on these delicate items especially if they are often in the sun.

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lauren said...

Nice tips!
That would help us avoid frequent visit to the mechanics. I don't have a garage at my new apartment so this is quite a challenge to me. I only got covercraft car cover to depend on against nature's elements. But it won't take long before i'll move to a better apartment.