Thursday, April 26, 2007

Change the engine oil in scooter

Autor:Artem Petrov
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The procedure for the replacement of oil a simple and takes about 10 minutes. Still, I decided to write a short article on this topic.

When to change?
The first time, after 500 kilometres, then every 1000. Just you replace butter after taking cylinder: replacement cylinder lifting cylinder head, etc., as in these works, even if everything was done accurately, it is likely dirt and particles of metal in the engine.

Substitute oils needed to be held with hot motore because oil is becoming more fluid and mud if it is, comes from the bottom crankcase mixed with butter. Scooter should stand in the central step.

Conduct works:
1) Remove probe-alias cork filler neck, is on the right side of the engine, near the generator.

2) Substitute the shell hole size (about 1 liter) for the discharge of waste oil and remove simple cork (twist off counter-clockwise).

To loosen the only head, or you may damage the simple cork, which is made from aluminium. The plugs are spring and oil-filter grid.

3) Wait until oil flows from the engine.
4)Wash cork discharge openings and filter in gasoline.
5) SPIN and prolong cork discharge openings. Do not install strong effort, remember that the cork and crankcase engine constructed of aluminium. The annex strong effort can be damaged threads.
6) Pour in the motor through filler cap 800 ml of engine oil, using a suitable bowl.
7) SPIN the filler neck.

All ready.

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