Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mitsubishi Lancer Concept To Make Detroit Debut

By Matthew Keegan

SUMMARY: The Mitsubishi Lancer has been a strong seller for the Japanese automaker but the EVO concept now making the rounds of the auto shows is likely to fuel interest in the model even further. The fun begins with the 2007 NAIAS Auto Show in Detroit.

Mitsubishi has long been in the shadow of Japan’s larger automakers, but the company has managed to produce a few hit models over the years including the sporty Eclipse, the compact Lancer, the sexy Miata roadster, and the venerable rotary powered RX-8. At the moment, there is plenty of buzz over a concept vehicle that will debut at the January 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and it is a car based on the high performance version of the Lancer called the Lancer Evolution or Evo.

The Evo to be featured, according to the Kicking Tires website, is the company’s “Prototype X” model replete with multiple hood scoops and a lower road stance. At present, only a few sketches of the concept have been shown to the public, but a preview press day will likely bring actual photos of the concept to the general public.

While the standard Lancer has been a decent seller in its own right, the Lancer Evolution has caught the attention of tuners everywhere. The Prototype X, when it finally comes off of the assembly line within the next year or two, will likely do its part to raise Mitsubishi’s visibility one more notch. This is good news for a division that once could not get out of the shadow of the Chrysler Corporation, its original U.S. partner.

With the Evo, tuners are likely to find a car that will match or surpass their Accords and Rios in style as well as in substance. Just what Mitsubishi needs to help the brand get noticed!


Anonymous said...

Honestly, are you on drugs?? Mitsubishi Miata? RX-8? Try Mazda.

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