Sunday, October 22, 2006

Speakers For Our Car Audio System - Is Bigger Better

By Allison Thompson

SUMMARY: An article which explains why choosing the right speakers for your car audio system is important.

You are now considering purchasing new speakers for your car and there are a number of things that should be thought about in order that you make the best choice possible. It is crucial that when looking to purchase speakers for your car you go with a clear idea and plan of what it is you intend to buy. It does not naturally follow that the bigger the speakers the better they are.

In fact you may find that when purchasing your speakers they may cost more than you intended and it is wise not to purchase ones which have numerous features which you won’t actually use. It is sensible to remember that the highest quality audio speakers available for your car will cost more than a lot of others, but in general these are worth the extra cost. However, if you do decide that big speakers are what you want then make sure the ones you purchase have a brand name that can be depended upon and ensure that they will provide you with crystal clear sound at all times.

Today there are 2 kinds of basic car stereo speakers available on the market and these are component or full range speakers. Both have their own pros and cons. However, if you are looking to replace the factory installed speakers already in your car with the minimum of fuss then you should no look no further than full range speakers (consisting of a tweeter and woofer, you may even find some come equipped with a midrange or super tweeter as well). These styles of speakers also come in a varying range of sizes and prices.

But then again as previously discussed if you are looking for bigger car speakers to install then you should be considering a component speaker set. Not only do component speakers give you the best possible sound quality for your money because of their superior design and each component has been specifically designed to complement each other. Certainly big speakers can be a part of any component system as long as you make sure that you have all the necessary components for their installation.

A component system is especially good for those people looking for a serious stereo speaker system for their car. This sound system will not only provide you with greater depth of sound but also a much realistic one as well. The exceptional dynamics and detailed sound provided by such a system is because of the higher standard of materials that have been used which will not normally be found in a full range speaker system.

However, when it comes to which are better, small or big car speakers, this cannot be easily answered. Even if you prefer to install big speakers in your car they will not always provide you with the best sound and you will soon see just how many different shapes and sizes of speakers there are now available. But rather than deciding on big or small speakers for your car it is much wiser to invest in a good quality car audio system instead.

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